(This is sort of a Sims/Stardew Valley crossover, if only because one of the characters is from Stardew (and the other is the character I made for the game file where he married the first character). Didn’t know if that was allowed, but eh)

(Theme is ‘Reminiscence’)

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Mel’s Third Letter To Niels

Dear Niels:

I am sorry if I have taken too long since the last letter. A sick child is a serious event that must be cared for as soon as can be. With that noted:

Do not be alarmed, my friend. This ‘sleeping with others’ that I speak of, it is in fact not related to your sleepovers.

The circumstances surrounding this type of ‘sleeping’ I speak of is sometimes referred to as ‘adultery’ or ‘cheating’. As the former word implies, it is meant for adults.

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