Close Encounters of the Kindle Kind

(This was for April 2018 short story, which I forget the theme of, but hope I still got…somewhat right?)

-Appaloosa Plains, sometime in the mid 80s-

“Come on now, Myrna!” The voice on the other end of the call said. “Ya honestly can’t expect that this choice is gonna end well for ya! What if ya run afoul of some nasty burglars, or worse, racists?!”

Myrna just rolled her eyes, listening to her sister talk her ear off. She’d just had the feeling that the moment her phone service was set up, she was going to hear it ringing before long.

Screenshot-5 (2)

“Look Addy,” she said, keeping her from saying any more. “I appreciate yer concern, but I’m a grown woman now. I can handle myself fine, thank ya.

“Of all people, ya should know that it takes more than a couple of bigoted yahoos to ruffle my feathers.”

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(This is sort of a Sims/Stardew Valley crossover, if only because one of the characters is from Stardew (and the other is the character I made for the game file where he married the first character). Didn’t know if that was allowed, but eh)

(Theme is ‘Reminiscence’)

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Mel’s Third Letter To Niels

Dear Niels:

I am sorry if I have taken too long since the last letter. A sick child is a serious event that must be cared for as soon as can be. With that noted:

Do not be alarmed, my friend. This ‘sleeping with others’ that I speak of, it is in fact not related to your sleepovers.

The circumstances surrounding this type of ‘sleeping’ I speak of is sometimes referred to as ‘adultery’ or ‘cheating’. As the former word implies, it is meant for adults.

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