Penpal Profile

(I couldn’t think of a good title…)

Current Appearance

Name:  Semper Ad Meliora “Mel”/ The Builder’s Twin (was not given a proper name in this incarnation)

Age: Immemorial; Exact birth date unknown (could be immortal); current incarnation’s exact age uncertain

Gender: Genderless (as The Twin), Female (After transformation/currently)

Penpal Preferences: Just don’t be pure evil like her sister was

Biography: One third of the most recent incarnation of some bizarre prophecy that stretches back to possibly the beginnings of time itself (the other two are her mother Regina (The Mother), whose body she currently inhabits, and her twin sister Malum (The Builder), who is evil itself).

She is waiting for the next event in which the prophecy begins (which may not be for at least a hundred years or so).

Until that day comes, however, she is currently residing in Aurora Skies with her two adopted sons (whom she retrieved from either Limbo or Purgatory; it’s not entirely clear where she got the two of them).

In lieu of speaking to the townsfolk of Aurora Skies (this incarnation is unable to speak without some sort of filter, lest she risk destruction), she’s decided to try and reach out online, to anyone who’s willing to reply.

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