Mel’s Letter To Norman

(I unfortunately do not have any pictures of Mel on the computer at this point. Hopefully next letter I will…)

Dear Norman:

I hope you’ll not find it insolent of me to send you a message out of the blue. It is simply that I am so happy to speak with someone who is not bound to me in in ways I cannot control.

Where do I begin? I suppose with how i came to live here.

It had been some time after a series of rather…interesting events (I fear that if I told you even a fraction of them, you would think me mad!).

After these events, I was left with no objective, no purpose. It would also be a very long time before this purpose would arise once more (again, you’d think I was some sort of madwoman if I went into detail).

Thus, I was left to find a home. Most of the selection of towns were…unfitting, to say the least. Midnight Hollow was accepting of those who are not ‘normal’, but the town itself…

I’m not fond of such eerie and dark locations. They remind me far too much of my wicked and horrible sister.

But, as luck would have it, one recently built home in Aurora Skies was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t move in quick enough, it felt like.

The town I currently reside in is beautiful. I could spend hours merely taking in the gorgeous sights.


And at nighttime, the sky becomes a sight to behold. The aurora above gives it such a dreamlike feeling to the night sky.

Do you have anything where you live that is considered ‘unique’? I would enjoy learning of your residence.

But of course, it wouldn’t be practical for me to remain outside all the time. Not when I have two young children in my care.


It is best that I clarify: I am not the birth mother of these two boys. How best to put this: their mothers have both met with grim, horrific fates. The same holds true for their father.

Yes, only one father; a pathetic excuse for a human being. To impregnate two women at the same time, and with no interest in ending the illicit affair…

I will say this now, dear Norman: I hold no sympathy for the unfaithful. Why claim to be happy with one, and yet misuse their trust by being with another?


The circumstances of the boys’ very existence are complicated and difficult to explain. As of right now, both should be dead. And yet, here they are.

But why should they suffer for what their father has done?


I want to be certain they grow up to never be what he was. I will do my best to make sure of this.

Just like I am certain that perhaps I can fit in here in this lovely little town. Though this may be easier said than done.

The townsfolk appear to be wary of me.


Is it because I am unable to speak to them? Does my appearance unsettle them? I may never know.

Perhaps it is for the best that I don’t often leave the house. I find it easier to work on my culinary skills anyway.


And of you, Norman? What is life like for you?



3 thoughts on “Mel’s Letter To Norman

  1. She’s lovely! And her taking care of the little ones is so sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing how Norman will respond. I’m looking forward to this whole correspondence, really. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed Mel until I saw her joining the project.

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