Mel’s Third Letter To Norman

Dear Norman:

It pleases me greatly to know that you sought out answers to my question.

Screenshot-8 (5)

And no, I do not find it silly that you imagine a voice while writing. In fact, I find it flattering. After all, I myself am unable to find my own voice.

Now then, the reason I asked of your feelings on reincarnation. It will require me to tell a story. Yes, the very one that is connected to my mother, my sister, and I.

Long ago, before time immemorial, there was a woman named Rhiannon. 

Rhiannon had but one desire in her life: to be a mother. Sadly, she had come to learn that she was a barren woman. She was desperate to reverse this, and prayed to all the deities that she could think of. 

But none of them answered. Not one listened to her impassioned pleas for a child. 

In her desperation, Rhiannon turned her cries to him

Screenshot-3 (4)

It is a terrible thing, resorting to such a vile demon for your greatest desire. But this was how badly she wished for a child. 

She knew that even if he were to grant her wish, the price she’d pay would be a heavy one. 

Screenshot-4 (4)

For her to beg of him with this in mind, surely could not have been easy for her. 

And yet, beg is what she had done. 

Screenshot-6 (4)

“Great demon,” she said of him, “I want to be a mother, but the powers that be have ignored me! Please, with all the power you possess, give me a child! I implore you!” 

So it went on. She voiced her frantic requests with such passion, or perhaps he quickly grew tired of her, and wished for her to leave. 

Whichever it was, he did grant her what she wanted. “In nine months’ time,” he said, “you will bear twin girls.” 

Screenshot-11 (4)

“But know this,” he said to her. “The moment they are born, one shall belong to me. The two will become sworn enemies. And you, as your own person, shall cease to exist.

“When your daughters come of age,” he went on, “they will clash for dominance. The victor will take control of your body, and in a century’s time, it will begin again.”

But then, in a rare show of mercy, he told her this: when the time came, there was a method of guaranteeing the good twin to be the victor:

Judge, Jury, Executioner.

When blood of a sinner is shed, the trial will commence.

If the jury reaches a verdict before the end, the sentence will be carried out.

If the jury does not, the condemned will go free, and all life will be obliterated.

Then, he told her to go. From then on, until the birth of her daughters, Rhiannon never forgot the cost of that which she begged for.

What he did not tell her was, although they would take on a human form, they would actually be something else entirely. Both would represent two forces of the world, destined to battle once every century. 

This story, in some form or another, has been told to but a select few people over the ages. Only the incarnations of this prophecy know the entirety of it.

Those that know the bulk of this story are often the chosen jurors, the sinner whose blood is spilled.

In time, when the boys are old enough, I will tell it to them.

And now you know it, as well.

As you may have suspected, indeed, I am the current incarnation of one of the twins from the story. For the other twin’s incarnation, well…


When I say that she is pure evil, I am serious: My twin sister is the embodiment of evil itself.

Think of the worst crimes, the cruelest atrocities that have been committed. That is what she represents.

Remember when I once said, that Zee and Gari should have been dead, instead of playing in front of me?

She had something to do with it. Screenshot-17 (3)

I’ll not disclose the grisly details, but know that had I not intervened, the two would not have had a second chance at life.

Now you may wonder: If my sister represents pure evil, do I represent absolute good?

Screenshot-13 (4)


Not exactly. I don’t wish to seem pretentious, but that which I represent is slightly more specific.

Say you wish to buy an ice cream cone at one of their parlors. When you go to buy one, you learn of a special: buy one, get one free, I believe.

In a nutshell, that is what I represent: something better. I am the embodiment of, shall we say, all things that are better.

Always towards better things, I believe is one translation of what I am called in the Latin language.

I apologize greatly if all this is incomprehensible to you, Norman. It is quite difficult to understand, even more difficult to explain, and most difficult of all to believe.

But your thoughts toward all of this, I look forward to hearing.


P.S. Your talk of ‘Llamacorns’ and other such toys have motivated me to seek out some of them myself. Perhaps I could find some, and give them as presents for Zee and Gari’s birthdays. No doubt in my mind, they would love them.

(Note: that picture of Malum is how she looks currently. It isn’t how she looks in Part One. Like, at all)

2 thoughts on “Mel’s Third Letter To Norman

  1. These screenshots are awesome! And it’s so interesting to officially see these characters. So far I’ve only imagined what they look like. Norman will probably have quite a bit to think about after this letter. Also I loved the way Mel described herself in this letter as the embodiment of something better.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s so fun to read the letters to my pen pals: I always experience a multiple interpretation and response. There’s my response, and then there’s the way I imagine the pen pal responding. At this point, I know that, intuitively, there’s much here that Norm will grasp and resonate with immediately–and then, when his rational mind kicks in… well! That will be interesting! 🙂 Fortunately, both his sister and uncle are pros at cognitive dissonance, so he’s got good role models for walking through those types of spaces!

    Liked by 1 person

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