Mel’s Fifth Letter to Norman

Dear Norman:

I am happy to hear that my letter motivated you so. I am also hopeful that the one you wrote to takes your advice to heart.

And thank you for telling me of your loved ones. I can just imagine what Aari’s smile would look like right now.

As for the toys you’ve sent me, I am pleased to say that they have arrived safely. The reception to them was…mixed, to say the least.

I had the boys with me when I pulled them out. And the instant Zee saw the cat toy you sent, his eyes lit up with such joy.

Screenshot-7 (7)

He cannot seem to put that toy down, he loves it so very much.

I myself couldn’t help but pick up one of the ducks, and put it up on the drawer.

Screenshot-24 (4)

It is indeed a joyous thing to squeeze it. The sound it makes is simply precious.

Gari, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care much. He just looked them over, as if he were inspecting them, and then went back to playing with his other toys.

Screenshot-30 (2)

But I do not believe this means he doesn’t like the toys. It is quite possible that he simply decided to play with them at another time.

I do admit, something about him seems a bit peculiar, though not in a negative way. It is as though his mind works in a way different than Zee’s.

Perhaps, when the two are older, I will know for certain.

You ask if I am still painting, and trying to learn of my neighbors.

I am. Screenshot-21 (4)

For painting, I am trying out new topics and subjects. Sometimes, I cannot think of anything realistic, and simply resort to something unusual, to say the least.

In time, I hope to be able to paint something that all can enjoy.

And as for my neighbors? They do seem to understand that I cannot speak. The other day, I met one of my neighbors, and his youngest child.

Screenshot-3 (7)

He apparently has been married three times, a child from each marriage. The man seems kind enough.

Screenshot-12 (6)

Thankfully, he seems to understand sign language, which is good for me. I can only fathom the disaster that would follow were I to attempt to talk to him.

I suppose my attention kept drifting over to his daughter. After a time of conversing, he asked me if I wished to hold her.

Screenshot-9 (7)

Such a dear, sweet child. At least she looked to be one. But when I held her myself, it was an entirely different story.

Screenshot-18 (4)

All she did was fuss and fuss until I handed her back to her father.

I’m guessing this is because I am a stranger to her. Hopefully in time she’ll warm up to me. Perhaps I could even have her play with the boys, should that happen.

Now I am curious again: how has life been since last I contacted you?


P.S. I too believe Ira would make a fantastic teacher.

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