Mel’s Sixth Letter To Norman

Dear Norman:

My sincerest apologies for taking so long to respond back. My life as of the last month or so has been quite busy. And I am afraid I am writing this fairly quickly, as I must be at the doctor’s in a few minutes.


For one, it seems as though the townsfolk have quite an array of wildlife. Namely, horses.


Supposedly, some years back, an inhabitant of the town accidentally let loose an entire stable of purebred, prizewinning horses. All of the townsfolk since then have been trying to find some of these horses and their offspring.

From what I’ve heard, they intend to tame these horses. I find it a bit odd, but then, I was not here a decade ago.

And considering I myself now own a horse, I would seem like a hypocrite.

In reference to your life, I see that you now refer to Aari as your stepdaughter. Is it what I believe it means, or would my celebration be premature?

As it has been some time since your letter, I am hoping that your life and schedules have relaxed.

For your questions, she indeed asks of several complicated topics. In regards to her overpopulation question, perhaps…

Well, I may need some time to think on that one myself. My apologies for being unable to give you definite answers.

And yes, I as well have those moments. But unfortunately, I am often brought out of them by forces beyond my control.


To say that some of the folk in this town can be nosy, that may be a bit of an understatement.

But thankfully it isn’t all of them.¬†And the ones who do it do eventually seem to get the hint and leave me be.

You ask if the boys have inquiries of their own. I’m certain they do, but I’m not able to understand what they ask. They’re still learning to talk, you see. Though they seem to understand each other, I’ve yet to properly comprehend their babbling.

But I can understand when they feel certain sensations, such as pain.


And when that happens, it pains me as well, especially right now.

At some point, Gari ended up developing an ear infection. This is, if you were curious, the reason for the doctor’s appointment.

Oh, how much pain he must be in.


The poor dear can’t seem to find any sort of relief. I tried getting help from my neighbors, but nothing was successful.

And I know Zee doesn’t wish to hear his brother suffer, either.

Screenshot-11 (9)

The two appear to have their own language, going by the way they babble at each other. By listening in to the tones of their voices, I would believe that Zee is attempting to comfort Gari.


And I wish to make that a reality. Nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than knowing one of her children is in distress.

Speaking of, it looks to be time for me to get to the doctor’s office, lest I be extremely late. Some say it is all right to be ‘fashionably’ late, but I don’t believe that to be true in this instance.


Semper Ad Meliora

P.S. To answer your last question, I don’t think it’s weird. I have felt such connections with many people that I’ve not met, and likely never will meet.

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